On April 19, our communication and dissemination partner Sustainable Innovations attended the International Fine Food and Beverages Fair: Salón Gourmet.

There, our Exploitation Manager, Pablo Ariño together with our Communications Manager, Pablo Morales had the opportunity to engage with several stakeholders in the framework of in the agri-food and beverage distribution as well as retail industries to showcase the main concept, methodology, objectives and impacts behind the UPLIFT initiative.

After a long walkthrough, Sustainable Innovations established fruitful conversations with the event exhibitors, delivering brochures of the project, taking pictures and exchanging social media networks.

The Salon Gourmets is one of the top-ranked and most prestigious food and beverage fairs in Europe. It is the most frequented by national and international experts in the gastronomic industry, including restaurants, hotels, distributors, caterers, and specialist wholesalers and retailers. Its history includes 35 continuous events, increasing attendance, and a fully commercial atmosphere.