The three projects ENZYCLE, BIZENTE and REVOVER organised their project’s final event in Madrid on April 9th and 10th in the framework of Three bio-paths, one solution for plastics where stakeholders from across Europe convened to witness the culmination of four years of groundbreaking research into enhancing plastic recycling through enzymes. Among the attendees was Cristiano Varrone, coordinator of the UPLIFT project, who seized the opportunity to engage with fellow stakeholders and participate in scientific discussions surrounding the central challenge: How can enzymes improve plastic recycling?


This key question, posed to experts four years ago, has now materialized into reality, thanks to collaborative efforts. The event not only marked the conclusion of ENZYCLE, BIZENTE and REVOVER but also celebrated the promising outcomes achieved.

Throughout the event, participants delved into parallel discussions on plastic-degrading enzymes, recycling processes, and opportunities for plastic waste reuse and valorization. Juan A. Tamayo-Ramos, Project Coordinator, and Ana Mencher Beltrán shared the insights gleaned from the extensive research conducted under Enzycle, setting the stage for innovative solutions to tackle the challenge of end-of-life plastic. The final event also welcomed related research projects and key stakeholders from the bioindustry and bioeconomy sectors, underscoring the importance and relevance of collaborative efforts in addressing pressing environmental issues.