On November 21-24, 2022, Andrea Morandini from AIMPLAS will participate in the CONAMA Congress held in Madrid, Spain where she showcased the Uplift initiative.

The National Congress of Environment and Sustainable Development is an event that promotes the exchange between the public and private sectors, and scientific and technological communities. Among its objectives are bringing the environmental issue closer to the citizens, establishing a forum for debate on strategic issues on environmental policies, disseminating good practices in sustainable development, making visible success stories in this field and stimulating research, technological innovation and transfer of knowledge.

Our colleagues from AIMPLAS participated in two round tables on “Success stories of innovation projects for a circular industry”, and “Territorial sustainability success stories”. With more than 100 panels of experts from different fields (including business, government and non-governmental organizations), this new edition collects projects that want to set an example for people and companies to engage with the environment.