The UPLIFT  project held its first General Assembly meeting from 6 December to 7 December via teleconference. The gathering was planned to take place at University College Dublin’s facilities in Dublin, Ireland, but it had to be transformed into an online format, due to the COVID-19 mobility restrictions.

During these two days, the consortium partners exposed the advancement of all the work packages, analysed possible risks, and talked about the work ahead in the following work packages:

  • Plastic value chain analysis
  • Depolymerization of plastics and cleaning
  • Fermentation of building blocks
  • Chemo-enzymatic polyester synthesis
  • Sustainability assessment
  • Scale-up and manufacturing
  • Communication, Dissemination, and Exploitation activities
  • Project management

The meeting was successfully closed on the second day, with a great balance of the work carried out during the first six months of the project. Additionally, the consortium had the opportunity to have open discussions revolving around possible risks and the actions for the next semester.