The UPLIFT Project hosted the “Joint Workshop: UPCYCLING BIO-PLASTIC OF FOOD & DRINK PACKAGING” on Wednesday, October 20, 2021, at 10:00 (CET) together with the European projects UPET-T and PRESERVE.

The event gathered a wide range of experts where around 150 attendees could enjoy different approaches to implement new sustainable solutions for transforming food and drink packaging into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value, ensuring that micro-plastics are avoided

The participating projects were UPLIFT, PRESERVE and UPPE-T. The workshop also counted on the presence of Hasso von Pogrell, managing director of European Bioplastics and Aleksandra Branković, senior researcher for the Institute for Development and Innovation in Belgrade.


The aim of this event was to build a high-level meeting point for stakeholders across Europe to showcase initiatives and solutions for the food industry packaging that cannot be recycled. The workshop was divided into three parts: during the first one, the workshop counted on different short talks to frame the European bio-plastic sector and the plastic policy framework, while the second block showcased the objectives, methodologies, impacts, and expected results of each project. Finally, an open discussion was conducted regarding the importance of clustering.

The three initiatives will help to develop technological improvements in the sense of better manufacturing and processing practices for these plastic materials to facilitate proper waste management. Developing upcycling technologies will allow sustainable recycling or biological degradation in accordance with existing and novel technologies, standards, and certification schemes.

Below, you can find the recording of the session: