From November 14 to November 18 2022, the UPLIFT consortium members attended the 11th International Conference on Fiber & Polymer Biotechnology (IFPB 2022) in Graz, Austria where they also took the opportunity to celebrate several consortium meetings such as the internal General Assembly meeting and the review meeting with the European Commission.


The Austrian city of Graz has been a strategic meeting point for the UPLIFT consortium members in November. Many of our technical partners formed part of the scientific committee on the IFPB 2022 such as Nick Wierckx, from Forschungszentrum Jülich and Alessandro Pellis from the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences of Vienna. However, many other technical partners took also the opportunity to attend this international trade fair, disseminate the UPLIFT project, and exchange fruitful best practices and ideas such as the University College of Dublin, Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant and the University of Lund.

After the IFPB 2022, all the consortium partners hold the general assembly meeting to review and evaluate the activities carried out in the last semester.  The partners also had the opportunity to plan the next actions for the upcoming months.

Last but not least, the consortium met one more time to present the work performed since the project began to the European Commission. During this session, all the partners presented their tasks and activities conducted during the last eighteen months. The meeting counted on the presence of our Project Adviser, Susana Xará from the Health and Digital Executive Agency (HADEA) as well as the external expert Francisco Morís.