Cristiano Varrone, our Project Coordinator, speaks in this interview about the main role in the initiative, the main challenges, and their contributions.


Cristiano Varrone has more than 15 years of experience in Fermentation technologies and Eco-Engineering of microbial consortia for the conversion of waste streams into biofuels, green chemicals and biopolymers, following a Biorefinery concept. His overall research interest is within the development of Defined Mixed Consortia and Process Optimization with a strong focus on the biodegradation of recalcitrant compounds such as pesticides and plastics.

On March 24-25, 2023 he was invited as one of 40 delegates to join the World Plastic Summit for the launch of the World Plastic Association Monaco, under the patronage of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco (2022-2023). The idea was to speed up research and create cross-disciplinary collaboration among selected delegates